About Windsor Math Enrichment Program

History and details of the Windsor Math Enrichment program.

About J. Bruce White

After university, Bruce White applied for a job in the computer field at Hydro Ontario. There was only one problem, "The job I wanted didn't exist yet; it was on their books for two years from then.".

Figuring that maybe he could teach for a couple of years, while waiting for the job he really wanted, he approached high school principals about joining the staff. A couple of interviews and a six-week wonder course over the summer later (those were the days), White returned in September a newly minted teacher.

He arrived to a class of 38 students and only 36 desks. (Two kids took turns sitting on the window ledge each day.) Then there was the matter of actually teaching the material he had to cover. "After two weeks I figured that I was doing such a rotten job that I went to the math head and asked whether I could start over." Fortunately, for students in the subsequent nearly 40 years of White's career, the department head agreed. "He said, 'Okay, tomorrow walk in with a garbage pail in your hand and have them rip their notes out and throw them in the garbage pail.'"

Since that inauspicious beginning, White has gone on to success after success, developing classroom and extracurricular programs that turn some of his students into math titans. Many of his students are regularly in the top rankings at local, national and international contests, and others, who thought they'd never have a hope of passing math, have become confident learners.